Ask the Master Gardeners a Question

The Portage County Master Gardeners answer many question varieties in topics during the spring, summer and fall season. If you have a question you can click on the Ask an Expert on the right, bring in a sample to the OSU Extension office (make sure to bring the sample in a bag/container or pictures if available), or email them directly

Plants, pests and diseases are a part of any garden. Detecting them early and identifiying them accurately are keys to finding safe and effective solutions.  The Portage County OSU Extension Master Gardener Volunteers are here to help you diagnose your garden problems and provide you with research based solutions. 

You can ask the Master Gardener Volunteers your questions by doing one of the following:

1) By visiting them at the Haymakers Farmers Market or Portage County Randolph Fair

2) Come visit the Research Clinic (every Thursday starting May 1st-September 30th, 9am-11:00am)

3) Filling out the online form.  CLICK HERE