How to join 4-H, Portage County 4-H history, 4-H Family Guide, Ohio 4-H Hall of Fame, Portage County census data, 4-H Pledge & the 4-H Creed. Also included specific information about Portage County 4-H and a link to our 4-H Professionals and the programs/topics they support.

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Portage County 4-H History

Portage County Census Information

About Portage County 4-H 

Portage County 4-H is a family affair. Everyone becomes involved in the learning, the business and the fun. 

  • Learning To Learn - learning through experience Leading 
  • Self And Others - working as a team 
  • Relating To Others - accepting diversity 
  • Communicating With Others - creative expression 
  • Planning And Organizing - setting short and long-term goals

4-H'ers learn through experience in two ways: 

  • Community involvement - volunteer time to help community needs 
  • Life Skill Projects - develop self-esteem and lifetime interests

Cloverbuds allows 5 to 8 year old children to become involved with 4-H on a non-competitive basis.

Portage County can boast about their program which:

  • Involves 6,810 community based club and outreach 4-H members.
  • Lead by 457 volunteers.
  • We offer over 200 different 4-H projects.
  • Our 4-H clubs are spread throughout the county and we can help you find one in your area!